Capuchin monkey demonstrates sense of morality

25 Apr

Well, the next main post is taking it’s time isn’t it? That’s because I’ve been set the challenge of writing a special feature on how possible it would be for a Gremlin to exist in Nature. I’ll hopefully have that up in the next few days but, in the meantime, I’m going to start making good on my word to share more scientific tidbits that I find during my (virtual) travels.

Today, we have an interesting (and pretty amusing) video of part of a presentation by a man called Frans de Waal. He works for a nonprofit organisation called TED, which is devoted to spreading ideas and information, as demonstrated by their slogan, ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’. Here, de Waal explains an equality study using Capuchin monkeys in which one monkey was treated more favourably than the other. The results, whilst humorous, demonstrate a sense of morality in monkeys that I, for one, hadn’t even contemplated.

Check the video out here

Naturally, all content contained within the video is property of TED, and you can see a longer, more indepth, section of the presentation on their website, here. I strongly suggest you take a look and I, for one, can’t wait to start exploring their back-catalogue now I know it exists!

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